Who We Are 

Chris Morris is the founder of Llama Publishing. As a champion of indie publishing, he has published two indie books and been a contributing author to two others. Beyond that, he has actively promoted dozens of indie books through his personal social media profiles.

Chris also regularly teaches at Christian writing conferences, as faculty and a keynote. He’s been accused of being Christian publishing’s most interesting accountant, but he’s not limited to just business classes. He’s taught at over a dozen conferences on a wide range of topics, including how to effectively self-publish a book and building your writing craft with God.

His history in indie publishing has given him a passion for seeing books that might not find an agent—heart projects that really mean something—get out into the world. He wants to be an active participant in crafting books that will provoke deep thought, open conversations, and powerful change in individuals, families, and communities of faith.

At the same time, Chris knows there are things he doesn't know. To this end, he is partnering with seasoned professionals within Christian publishing for specific assistance. This includes award-winning editors, some of the best visual designers in the Christian publishing industry, and a gentleman who knows the science of a successful book launch. These individuals add depth to the Llama Publishing team and ensures the success of Llama Publishing's projects.

Why Llama?

Llama Publishing is not affiliated with any particular denomination, nor is it sponsored by a specific church. Rather, we choose to focus on the key themes found in Scripture that any church body should agree with, like love your neighbor as yourself. Then, we ask questions of these simple statements: What does it mean to love? Who is our neighbor? How do boundaries apply to this kind of love? This is where the stories get murky and difficult, sometimes too much so to find a home at a large publishing house.

Publishing is a business, and that's okay. Business decisions need to be made about whether a book’s market is big enough to justify investing in it. In the nonfiction world, more often than not, this means the author needs to have a big enough platform or strong enough name recognition that sales are nearly guaranteed. And again, that's okay.

But some stories need to be told, and a lot of times these stories are passed over. Powerful memoirs of surviving spiritual abuse are never going to be as popular as a book that shows us how to find God's pleasure in our daily lives. But this doesn't mean hard stories shouldn't be available in the Christian marketplace.

Whether they're controversial, have a small market, or are just plain scary, hard stories NEED to be told. And that's why Llama Publishing exists. We’re here to allow space for the difficult stories. Every story deserves a home. Maybe Llama Publishing is the home for yours.