Welcome to Llama Publishing
Silly Name. Serious Books.

Llamas are among the most unique animals on the planet. They can have hair that would make any boy band member jealous. They have the most flexible necks this side of Pluto. And they can be both suave and klutzy simultaneously.

The llama should be the spirit animal of all creatives. Minus the boy band hair, we basically are llamas. So of course when it came time to choose a name for this publishing house, a llama was the only choice.

Though the llama is playful, we take our publishing serious. We are looking to influence the world of Christian thought with books that challenge the status quo. We believe the Church is wrestling through the painful process of becoming more like Jesus, and we refuse to sweep the toughest challenges of this process under the rug. In love, we intend to question those beliefs that seem unbiblical and the common practices of complacency that have leaked in Christ's followers. It’s our intent to accomplish this through our three core values.

Our Values

The Power of Story

At Llama Publishing we know that it is story that will change the world. Whether a story from fifty years ago or a yesterday’s memory, only story can shift the paradigm in which we view the world.

We are looking for nonfiction works that invite the reader into moments, where they can experience the pain, joy, sorrow, or thrill right alongside the author. Story will change the world, in a way nothing else can change it.

The Beauty of Truth​​​​

If story shifts paradigm, truth enlivens the heart and brings freedom. By taking an unflinching and honest look at hard issues and challenging situations, Llama Publishing brings beauty into the world, the beauty of truth.

Fluff isn't part of the Llama way. We want tough, challenging books that don't shy away from questions without answers or topics that might push us past our comfort zones. Instead, we dive in.

The Uniqueness of People

Each person has a story buried inside, waiting to be unearthed and shared with the world. At Llama Publishing, we focus on discovering and proclaiming this uniqueness, one individual at a time.

We believe conversations are the path to a stronger Church. Each person's journey is powerful and coercive, and we are convinced that it's only the uniqueness of individuals that brings clarity for the way forward. 


Whispers in the Pews: Voices of Mental Illness from the Church

This book is a collection of essays from various authors, ranging in length from 1,000 words to 5,000 words. Whispers in the Pews tackles how the mentally ill have been and still are treated in the church at large by sharing stories about how they're seen or have been treated. This is NOT fundamentally a teaching book, but a book of moments and lives, knitted together by the common theme of mental health.

No sermons will be included, though lessons learned from difficulties and their foundations in Scripture are encouraged. No Bible studies or judgy essays will be included, but hard experiences won't be sugar-coated either. 

Please note that some essays will be anonymous. These topics are deeply personal, and there are a lot of reasons for a name to be withheld, ranging from physical safety to emotional uncertainty. All of these are fully reasonable, and we at Llama Publishing don't want anything to hold you back from telling a story. 

The particular value of this book is the diversity of experiences from the authors. Men and women, pastors and laypeople, counselors and nurses, parents and children—all have a unique view of how mental health conditions affect people, and how the church has responded to these circumstances.

Each essay will describe a moment, a season, or a reflection in the author’s life related to mental illness. Some moments will be positive and uplifting, while others might be harrowing or heart-breaking. The goal of this essay collection is to paint an accurate picture of what the church does well for the mentally ill, and where the church can improve.